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Carl-David Hagerbonn left a long career in finance industry to challenge existing norms in an industry that needs to change.

“I wanted to create a sustainable and ethical jewelry brand with a design aiming at creating inner strength to the wearer, to in the long run create a difference not only to the wearer, but to the whole world.” In a will to positively disrupt an industry that is unsustainable and relient on fast-fashion, Carl-David and TREEM aims to be a leader for responsible and meaningful businesses.

TREEM stands for The TRue and ElEgant Movement. The goal was to create a new fashion brand with a strong genuine story that rests on three important pillars, namely sustainability, equality and good working conditions, three factors that 99% of the industry doesn’t care about as it is per today.

TREEM’s design language is raw elegance, with a sincere aim at bringing out the strength and strong determination to create positive change. “I am, and many are, inspired by the raw beauty of Nordic nature, and on a spiritual level, true to its Nordic origin, TREEM is also inspired by Nordic mythology.” In a world of the fjell, sharp rocks, the god of thunder Thor’s double-hammer is a symbol of strength and determination. “As Thor did defend his world, we also need to defend our world – with humanity, love and with care for our nature.”

For Carl-David the important factor from start has been that TREEM really strengthens the wearer, that the design makes a difference in the short, and long run. “The bracelets will be reminders for its wearer to be true and elegant, and be the identifier for someone standing up for climate action, equality, and fair working conditions. I really hope people can be continuously inspired and take steps towards change for the good together with TREEM.”

TREEM is a Swedish fashion and jewelry brand founded by Swedish entrepreneur Carl-David Hagerbonn.


Our bracelets are designed with the sincere passion of giving you more than just beauty. We want you to show strength to be true to yourself and others, determination to meet the world with self-esteem, and emanate elegance from within. We want you to wear it proudly. Together, we can become part of the movement for truth and elegance – believing in sustainable and meaningful actions.


Our design language is raw elegance – inspired by ancient Nordic mythology, the mystique and wonders of nature, as well as the willpower needed to create change. In a world where gods ruled, the god of Thunder Thor is the symbol of strength and determination. We believe the same inspiration of strength for good endeavors should be a part of everyday elegance.

Our bracelets are meticulously designed for you to wear every day, regardless of activities, and we hope that by wearing our bracelets you get empowered and determined in the quest to create a better world.


Our customers can feel safe in knowing that their purchase is sustainable. We believe in using non-CO2 intensive methods for shipping. For customers who live overseas, we CO2 compensate. We want to make sure you feel good not just about the bracelet you purchase, but also for what the bracelet stands for.

As believers of the True and Elegant Movement (TREEM), we believe in being a responsible company. We believe in equality, we do not stand for production in low wage countries and inhumane working conditions, where nobody cares about the person producing. Therefore, we insist on designing and forging our bracelets here in Sweden.

We believe that to create sustainable environments, our metals come from recycled metal and are carefully handcrafted in Stockholm and our leather products in Italy. Our shipping materials come from responsible sources.

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